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 Welcome to the Future Home of the largest Independent Urban database!!! We are ready to cater to you and bring some phenomonal services to your door step!!! Be Sure to Check Out our Service packages exclusively made for our members. Below are 5 reasons every label should join


  1. Free Sign Up!!! That's Right its Completely Free to Sign Up. No Hidden Fees, or Monthly Subscriptions. And if you ever decided to leave all your product is removed instantly    
  2. Free Artist/Label Spotlight!!! At Various times we may choose to place your brand at the head of our promotions! That means free radio interviews, music submission to 600+ plus radio stations, music reviews, magazine articles and much more exposure is in the works for you. All you have to do is post your unique storefront on your social media sites    
  3. Your Unique Storefront!!! Customize your business storefront with your company logo, banner, products, and your own custom URL. Send potential customers straight to your shop.     
  4. Contribute to a Positive Cause!!! Every Transaction made is a step towards building up Our Communities globally hence the name "The CommUnity" It is our duty and responsibilty to help one another. On a month to month basis there will always be a fundraising project that is viewable on the home page.     
  5. Only 9% Commission We offer a commission rate lower than our highest competitors. Out of this percent, we use this amount to contribute to our fundraising projects. Every Other major digital storefront typically takes 15% and payouts quarterly. We pay out weekly for all digital goods. In appreciation for uniting with us we offer 40% off on all of The CommUnity products, and offer detail reports in Real Time of Vendor's Sales and Stats.    


For Further info on submitting digital products please review our Vendor FAQ. No Need to Delay begin the sign up Process now. We are "The Right Choice"

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