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About US 

Established in 2014 The CommUnity is a global niche marketplace for Consumers and Producers to connect worldwide. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide rare, essential, and organic Afro-centric products from thriving small business owners abroad.

 We focus on giving back to these same businesses and other organizations in dire need of development, funding, and restoration. 




Our mission is to create "CommOn Unitythrough commerce. To take an active hand in the development of under privalegded Communities globally. To be the Inspirational drive to others and provide the essentials tools for the youth to thrive by consistent fundraisers.  


Our 3 Key Values


  • Trust -We inspire trust by being reliable and accountable for all actions taken on our part. We continue to build a trustworthy brand that consumers and producers alike can readingly and willingly endeavor in.
  • LeadershipWe Understand the economic issues we have are not going to fix themselves. For that reason we enthusiastically (divenly inspired) take the iniative to be pro-active opposed to reactive to our current state and condition.
  • Support- We believe in a positive family oriented support system. We consider all who is associated with us as our brothers and sisters. Our suppport sytems expands over the community, staff, consumers, and producers alike.